Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool
Cubico N21 Stool

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Cubico N21


Discover the exceptional features of the Cubic Stool N21:

  1. Stackable Design: The Cubic Stool N21 is ingeniously designed to be stackable, making it a versatile choice for spaces with limited storage. Its stackability ensures easy and efficient storage, allowing you to save valuable space when not in use.
    1. Interior Designer’s Favorite: The Cubic Stool N21 has garnered the admiration of interior designers, who consider it their favorite choice. Its sleek and modern design, combined with its practical features, make it a go-to option for professionals in the field. With its versatility and aesthetic appeal, the Cubic Stool N21 is sure to impress even the most discerning design enthusiasts.

    Bonus Feature: Available in Counter and Bar Sizes: The Cubic Stool N21 is thoughtfully designed to offer flexibility in seating options. It is available in both counter and bar sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to furnish a kitchen island or a trendy bar area, the Cubic Stool N21 is available in sizes that provide optimal comfort and style.

    Experience the beauty and functionality of the Cubic Stool N21. Its stackable design, popularity among interior designers, and availability in counter and bar sizes make it a perfect choice for enhancing any space. Elevate your seating arrangements with this exceptional stool, designed to combine style, practicality, and versatility seamlessly.



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Cubico N21

Product Description

Cubico N21 Stool

Introducing the extraordinary Cubico Stool, the definitive piece of furniture for kitchens in apartments, homes, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and rooftops. This remarkable stool combines functionality with exceptional design, making it a standout choice for any space.

The Cubico Stool boasts a stackable design, allowing for effortless storage and space optimization. Whether you have a small apartment kitchen or a bustling commercial venue, this stool provides the perfect seating solution without compromising on style.

With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, the Cubico Stool offers limitless possibilities for customization. Choose from a range of options to match your decor or create a bold statement that reflects your unique taste. Its attractive appearance ensures seamless integration into any space, becoming an eye-catching focal point.

Practicality meets convenience with the Cubico Stool’s waterproof and easy-to-clean features. Its waterproof construction makes it ideal for outdoor settings or areas prone to spills. Simply wipe away any messes, and the stool will maintain its pristine condition effortlessly, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Interior designers have declared the Cubico Stool as their favorite, and it’s easy to see why. This stool’s unique combination of PVC ropes, wicker, Danish cord, and banana leaf creates an organic and visually stunning finish. Its blend of materials achieves a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that captures attention and elevates any space.

Experience the unparalleled beauty and functionality of the Cubico Stool. With its stackable design, wide range of colors and patterns, waterproof construction, and popularity among interior designers, this stool is the ultimate choice for enhancing your kitchen, apartment, home, restaurant, bar, beach club, or rooftop. Embrace its unique blend of materials and transform your space into a haven of organic beauty and modern style.

Type: Stool

Color: Natural

Weave: Criollo

Frame color: Black


L 21 X W 18 X H 37

Seat height: 25 or 30 Inches



Additional Information

Weight14.7 lbs
Dimensions21 × 18 × 37 in
Seat Height

25 In, 30 In

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