Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench
Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench
Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench
Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench
Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench
Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench
Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench

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Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench


Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench

Discover the exceptional features of the Tucurinca Bench:

  1. Easy Care: The Tucurinca Bench is designed with convenience in mind. Its low-maintenance nature ensures easy care and upkeep. Simply wipe away any spills or debris, and the bench will maintain its pristine condition effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy it without the hassle of extensive maintenance.
  2. Can Get Wet: Built to withstand the elements, the Tucurinca Bench is completely water-resistant. Its durable construction allows it to withstand exposure to water, making it perfect for both indoor and shaded outdoor areas. Whether it’s a sudden rain shower or a splash from the pool, this bench can handle it without compromising its performance or appearance.
  3. Residential and Commercial Use: The versatility of the Tucurinca Bench makes it suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you’re looking to enhance your backyard oasis or create a welcoming seating area for your restaurant or hotel, this bench offers the perfect combination of style and functionality. Its vibrant colors and unique design add a touch of personality to any space, making it a favorite among homeowners and business owners alike.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the Tucurinca Bench. Its easy care properties, ability to withstand water exposure, and suitability for both residential and commercial use make it the ideal choice for enhancing your indoor or shaded outdoor space. Embrace its vibrant colors and durable construction, and elevate your seating arrangements with this exceptional bench today.



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Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench

Product Description

Tucurinca Recolorinche Bench

Introducing the Tucurinca Bench – a bench like no other. This remarkable piece offers a unique combination of colors and patterns that will infuse your spaces with a vibrant and eclectic charm. Not only does it bring a burst of visual interest, but it also delivers exceptional comfort and durability.

The Tucurinca Bench is expertly crafted to provide a comfortable seating experience. Its ergonomic design ensures proper support, allowing you to sit back and relax with ease. Whether you’re enjoying the sunshine in an open space or seeking shade outdoors, this bench guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable seating experience.

This versatile bench adapts effortlessly to various environments. It is equally at home in houses, balconies, decks, restaurants, hotels, and more. Its eye-catching design and vibrant colors make it a standout piece that adds a touch of personality and style to any setting.

Create cohesive and visually stunning sets by combining the Tucurinca Bench with our matching chairs and rocking chairs. With the same color combinations, you can effortlessly create a cohesive and coordinated look that delights the eye and enhances your space.

Built to withstand the elements, the Tucurinca Bench is completely waterproof. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for both covered outdoor areas and indoor spaces. Whether rain or shine, this bench remains in pristine condition, ready to provide comfort and style.

Elevate your spaces with the Tucurinca Bench – the epitome of uniqueness, comfort, and strength. Its vibrant color combinations, exceptional comfort, versatility, and waterproof features make it the perfect addition to any open or shaded outdoor area, house, balcony, deck, restaurant, or hotel. Experience the charm and durability of this exceptional bench and transform your spaces into havens of style and relaxation.

Color:  Recolorinche

Frame color: Black


Bench: 31″ (H) x 60″ (W) x 26″ (D) / Seat Height: 16″

Weave: Clasico

Additional Information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions31 × 60 × 26 in

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